Travels in Edar
Here recorded, our memories

The group met in the city of Fallshore, all looking to assist the locals clear out some troublesome creatures from a nearby cave. Several had been hired by The Ressan, while others came from various organizations to assist.

You entered the cave, and after clearing out some centipedes, found something far more interesting: a hidden base. While exploring it, you took a captive, and then escaped as it was overrun by the entire centipede hive.

You traveled back towards Vallion to turn over your captive, and receive your reward. Along the way, you helped a small village with a Belkar problem.

Once you reached Vallion, you turned over your captive, received your reward… and watched as your dwarven comrade was arrested by the authorities from the dwarven city of Khedesh. You were allowed to travel with them back to Khedesh, where he was to be brought before the city council.

Once in Khedesh, you learned of several artifacts going missing. Much more serious, however, was the fact that a barracks had collapsed, killing several city guards. Your dwarven friend had led the team to build those barracks, and was no being blamed for the incident. Sensing possible foul play, you secured his temporary release on the condition that you figure out what occurred.

After some investigation (and missing alters) you discovered that an old cult, the Black Sun, had returned. In their hideout you found documents linking them to the barracks collapse, and the disappearance of religious artifacts. However, when you confronted them, they chose to collapse their hideout upon themselves rather than face capture.

With your dwarven companion’s name cleared, the city rushed you back to Vallion – for things were not going nearly so well there. The city was besieged by a blue dragon and his army of kobolds. Seeking a diplomatic solution, you met with the dragon, who told you he would leave if you retrieved an artifact for him. You went back to the city, and went looking for information about the ring. You could find none. But that night, as you despair ever finding it, you noticed a note laying on the bar of the tavern – a note detailing the ring’s location.

You traveled to the site – an Old Kingdom ruin. There, you found a ring, lying in on the ground. When you took it, however, a large creature rose from the ground to attack you.

You ran, and reached the entrance before it caught up with you, were you managed to vanquish it. Only then did you realize your psionic companion, Timon, was not with you. Going back to the room you started in, you made a sad discovery – Timon had decided to try and buy time for you to escape, and died in the attempt. You somberly brought his body, and the ring he died to retrieve, back to the city – where you traded the ring, and the life it represented, for the city’s freedom. Soon after, Timon was buried, and you were joined by his brother Nomit.

Wanting to know more about the ring you r companion gave his life for, you asked the local sage if he had any information. He suggested a library from the Old Kingdom which might have more information.

You traveled to the library, and discovered it had been corrupted by the presence of evil: an aboleth. You defeated the creature, and found some scraps of information about the ring, as well as a few other interesting books.

You returned to Vallion to find the city in ruins – the dragon had not kept his word. You rescued the survivors, and then joined the remaining city guard to avenge the city’s destruction. You succeeded in that task, but were then informed that the survivors you had left to make their way to Aliene had not yet made it – and were far overdue. You took a ship and followed them – and discovered they had been waylaid. You dealt with the creatures aboard the ship, and brought the remaining survivors, including your mage friend, the rest of the way to Aliene.

Your stay in Aliene was quite short. One of the books you found, written in Abyssal, was opened, and the majority of you were transported to the shadow plane. You spent some time in that dreadful place, fighting shadows and the like within a city (which was more like a prison). Eventually, you escaped the city via the sewers, and found your way to a strange device. You were able to use a strange crystal you had found awhile ago to power it, and it whisked you away…

To the astral plane. There, you encountered someone you… did not expect. Timon greeted you from a floating ship, and brought you to Hestavar, city of Pelor. Once there, you agreed to help deal with a large Githynaki armada bearing down upon the city. You slayed the admiral, took his sword, and continued on to the Githyanki city-island. There, you literally blew down the door and killed the queen, stealing her very soul to power another device which allowed you to escape the astral plane.

You came out outside a city. Once at the city, you found out it was under threat of attack by an army clad in black. You agreed to help the city watch in keeping an eye on that situation while the city looked into how to get you home. The general came back and handed you a pre-aligned power source to get you home, along with directions to another device – just as you heard a large explosion from the city gate. The black army streamed through the gates, and you were forced to run, carrying with you a child from the city. You reached the device, and plugged in the aligned power source. You then found yourself in Amilion – without the child. However, you had more pressing concerns. An unmanned sailing vessel was approaching the city – a vessel that was days overdue. Upon investigating, you were attacked – not by pirates or raiders, but by dragons. Many, many dragons. Eventually, it was down to one dragon – a very, very large, red dragon. After a long, tough battle, you defeated him, and saved the city.

You then went and investigated the wreckage of the ship, and got ambushed by a group of Yuan-Ti. You escaped back to the city, and from evidence gathered at the wreckage, determined that the floating mountains were worth investigating.

At the floating mountains, you dealt with beholders, sand worms, and formians. You then found a fortress – full of the same black-clad soldiers you fought at the city on the other plane. You infiltrated the fortress, evacuated a city, and destroyed the army. As a result, The Ressan took control of the fortress, and promoted you to be part of their elite scout force. They made your home base the fortress. It is commanded by a general of The Ressan, but all its facilities are available for your use.

Now you have each made your way to Greyhurst, where you have been asked to assist The Ressan.

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