Recent Activity:

After helping repel the Siege of Baybarrow, Kamedister decided to use the opportunity of the city’s reconstruction to open an academy of the martial arts. The purpose of the school is two-fold: First, it promotes his temple, and it is his hope that more people will seek the life of a Monk of Tsi’gia after training at his school; and second, training of the school is focused on defending oneself and others, which should help both reduce crime and make the city more defensible if attacked again.

A history of Kamedister, as told by him. by: Frank Bruzzese

I was born in a small village near the base of the Tsi’gia mountain, the name of which is long forgotten to me. Before I could walk, this village was raided by Orcs and most of my people were slain. Amongst other children, I was spared the slaughter and taken prisoner; doomed as either a slave or a meal for the Orc’s celebration. From what I am told, the Monks of my temple intercepted the Orc raiding party on their return trip and managed to defeat them, rescuing myself along with most of the other children. We were taken to the Temple of Tsi’gia, where each of us, now orphans and without shelter, were taken in and trained as Monks.

As the years passed, Orcish activity became more and more common and aggressive. Raids on local villages became commonplace and the Monks of the Tsi’gia Temple took on the burden of defending the people from these raids. As I came into maturity, I lead a diplomatic mission to negotiate with the Orc tribal leaders, in an attempt to stop the bloodshed. Our initial pleas fell on deaf ears, their leaders scoffing at the idea of peace over violence. After over a year of attempted negotiations, we resolved that they would never cease unless driven from the lands for good. Lacking the manpower required for such an act, the Elder Monks of Tsi’gia decided it was best to simply continue defending the local villages, while the people consolidated into a single, larger town now known as Chetash. The larger population of Chetash has enabled it to defend itself much more adequately, relieving the Temple of Tsi’gia of a duty it had upheld for almost two decades.

As a rite of passage into adulthood, all Monks of the Tsi’gia Temple are required to leave the Temple and travel the world for five years. During this time, the Monk must uphold all of the Tenants of Tsi’gia – the Teachings of the Temple. Only after completing this rite of passage, can a man prove he is truly worthy of being called a Monk of Tsi’gia. It is through this journey, that I came across the party with which I now adventure.

The Tenants of Tsi’gia:

Those who can not defend themselves must be protected at all costs, no harm shall befall them while you draw breath.

Voice over Blood: Always attempt to avoid conflict through negotiation, fight only when there is no other alternative

When engaged in conflict, hold nothing back, if a foe surrenders, he shall not be harmed while in your custody

A friend is rare and priceless, no self sacrifice is too great to protect them

When fighting, never retreat while a friend is still in harms way, the defense of an ally surpasses self preservation


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