For every shield there is a sword
For every villain, a hero
For every darkness, there is a light
For every soul, a counterpart

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The Current Tapestry

There was not much left to do after defeating the dragon lich aside from return to Celestia – and just in time. Upon arrival, the group ran into a messenger who has been tasked to retrieve them. The forces of Hell were on the move, and poised to strike the realm. The group raced to the stronghold, where Akkan was whisked into the inner chambers. After some time, the group was summoned, and told of the plan to defeat the demons – spread rumors of a weakness, and funnel the army into Celestia’s main forces. Thanks to the groups help, the plan succeeded, and Celestia is once again safe, for the moment. Afterwards, rumors and gossip talked of five warriors of unmatched prowess, collectively being called the viligant. Despite this, the group (or the vigilant?) was more concerned with the well-earned downtime ahead of them.

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Bowson is the party’s source for arcane power and knowledge. As a halfling, he can blend into a crowd – when he covers his glowing blue eyes. From fireballs to protection spells, Bowson is an indispensable asset to the party’s survival. Akkan is a brave young boy whom the party met on one of the floating mountains, when they were dealing with a crisis there. He has grown in ability since then, but still manages to get into trouble from time to time.

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Celestia is the home of Bahamat, Moradin, and Kord. A bastion of good in the astral sea, it repels small attacks by Githyanki raiders and the nine hells regularly. It is also home to a great library, where mortals may submit questions that may not be answerable by anyone still living.

Introduction to Counterpart’s World: Edar

Edar, land of the everlasting sun. Many empires have risen and fallen along the golden shores of its oceans. From the coasts of Jaecr, to the beaches of Sauriv and Kehlesh, armies have marched, navies have been built, and cities have been defended, before being torn asunder by the winds of change.

This is the dawn of the third age. Long ago, the old kingdom rose to the height of its power. Its cities reached from the cold north of Sauriv to the southern plains of Jaecr. For centuries it reigned over the land, allowing order and justice to prevail. These times seemed like they would continue forever – until one of the great cities was destroyed. One by one, they fell, until finally the old kingdom’s glory was all but gone.

In the void that followed, evil once again entered the land. The dragons of old returned, destroying settlements and armies meant to protect the young human and elven races. The dragons seemed all but intent on decimating the world – and aiding those who would conquer it. The Yuan-Ti and Drow rose from their cities and underground lairs, conquering and enslaving any they crossed, until almost all the world was under their dominion. And so it continued for decades.

But all was not lost. Other dragons returned, and rose to defend the now enslaved races. The conflict engulfed the known lands, and continued until the Battle of the Island. An entire atoll disappeared in the fighting, and caused the dragons to convene the only known meeting, ever, of chromatic and colored hides. Only the eldest dragons know what transpired there, and they keep their silence, but the known world was once again changed forever. The Drow and Yuan-Ti empires were dissolved, their slaves freed, their lands gifted to the oppressed peoples. The former masters of Edar retreated back from whence they came, to their cities and underground fortresses, again forced to weave their plots from the shadows.

Now, centuries later, the world is in relative peace. Though tragedies like Vallion are still possible, the great wars of old are but a distant memory. As the walls of Vallion are rebuilt, the people look towards the rising sun of this age with hope and praise for those who brought them this far.


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