The Catfolk mostly keep to Kehlesh, the central continent, where their main city is located


Dwarves are rare outside of their few remaining cities. They have been fighting and slowly losing a war with elements of the Underdark for centuries.


The elves are scattered throughout the major cities of the world, as well as in their own major cities, such as Lydel. They generally get along, save for some small disputes


Halflings share many cities with humans and elves, as well as their own small villages. They are a stout, hardy people who will fight to keep themselves free. Several cities still allow the enslavement of halflings


Humans are a varied race, who despite their disagreements have held their place as one of the major races of the world

Half Elves

Half elves are generally accepted by society, though they currently have no city to call their own

Half Orcs

Half orcs are shunned by their Orcish cousins, but recognized as capable, civilized members of society


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