Resolved Threads

Resolved Threads

Threads of a tapestry, once askew, have now been replaced, thanks to you. Remember here those who you’ve lent aid, better still those you’ve seen to draw their blade. The dead do not always rest, the stream flows on, be wary still of “finished” yarns…

Break the Chains

The group was witness to one of the more unpleasant realities of the world – slavery and exploitation of those too weak to defend themselves. In this case, however, the group was there to step in and put an end to it. The brothel owner was dispatched… and made to believe the guards took exception to his “business” – at least when he wasn’t giving them a cut. The girls he “employed” were rescued, and immediately brought to Amilion by Calista.

A Silenced Eye

While in Ferriatia, the group heard about a Baybarrow spy who might need some assistance. Upon further investigation, they discovered he was being held by the Edhel-Ereb, and proceeded to systematically disassemble the organization. The spy was revealed to be Akkan, whom the group had had earlier dealings with. Akkan later left to appraise Baybarrow of the current situation with the group and in Ferriatia.

Saving Nylye’s Son

Nylye saved the party from unknown doom in the Ferriatian prison, and in returned asked for a very simple favor – help save his son, who was enslaved in the same shipyard he himself and been a “guest” in a year and half earlier. After checking out the site, the group proceeded to systematically set everything flammable ablaze, while engaging the facility’s guards and slipping the entire group of slaves out from under the guard’s collective noses. Nylye led the slaves off to freedom, while the group continued on to their main objective.

They Came From Below

Once the group had been debriefed about their actions and the status of the Baybarrow siege, they were sent to deal with some Ferriatian soldiers infiltrating the city. Upon speaking with the scouts, it was determined that the soldiers were likely using the sewer system to bypass the wall. The group dispatched some soldiers who were using that route when they arrived, and created a “plumbing fix” to prevent further incursions.

Trampled Flower

The main obstacle to the liberation of Baybarrow was the fact that Ferriatia had a hostage, in the form of the 15 year old daughter of a politician, Lily. The second night the group was in Baybarrow, they were sent to correct this. Upon arriving, the group dismantled the guards where the hostage was being held – but when they entered the tent she was supposed to be in, they found a warrior had just harmed her and put her in a bag. This, of course, was unacceptable, and was quickly corrected. Lily was spirited back to Baybarrow as quickly as possible, while the rest of the group participated in the complete elimination of the Ferriatian forces, who had been routed by the Baybarrow army while the group tied up the hostage guards.

Diamonds Everafter

A simple contract – find out what was going on at Baybarrow’s diamond mine. Turns out it was a little more involved than that – it involved some nasty wraiths, and a VERY old tomb. They were all dealt with, and the tomb re-sealed.

Of Ghosts and Goblins

The Companions contractor almost felt this task was below the group’s dignity – goblins, pah! Good thing he did, however – that basilisk would have been bad news for a less prepared group. And another group may have missed those mysterious markings. In the end, the ruins were dealt with.

Akkan’s Shadow

The group followed Akkan to a relay, after tracking him down and saving him – again. After fighting off multitudes of undead, and they went through the ancient device. On the other side, they found a familiar place – Erebus, the shadow plane city. Once they got there, they were directed to talk to Erik, and learned the city was in dire straights. Undead had infested a full half of the city, and were pushing against the defenses. The party went to investigate, defeated a dragon lich, and watched Akkan absorb some sort of energy.

Resolved Threads

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