Unresolved Threads

Unresolved Threads

Written here, the threads of fate, those un-spun, or that have had to wait. Blades and souls righteous, have no fear, for their story does not end here…

A Blade in the Night

The day after rescuing a Baybarrow spy in Ferriatia, the group went to the smith’s shop to look into a better bow for Naessa. Unfortunately, they found the smith face down in a pool of blood. Noldor was able to determine that he was stabbed from behind with a scythe, but little else. The group has no further leads on his killer, and left Ferriatia without his body – before they had a chance to investigate further.

The Curse of Quality

The group discovered that not every merchant who appears to be happily plying his wares is there by choice. The Irlyum have decided that a particular scroll maker, Haper, does extremely good work – good enough to hold his family hostage in Ironmoor while he is forced to provide whatever they ask for in Ferriatia. He was able to help the group out with a scroll they needed, and asked in return that if they ever find themselves in Ironmoor, they look into rescuing his wife and daughter. The group later contacted the family, and found out that they had escaped and were heading for Aliene.

A Burning Brand

While in Erebus helping Akkan resolve things, the group heard about (and later found the body of) another adventurer. The only notable thing about him and his possessions was the red insignia on his armor, in the shape of flames.

Unresolved Threads

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